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Condie Estate was established by Richie & Rosanne Condie in 2001. We have three vineyards' sites in the Heathcote region, one on Lewis Rd 15kms north of Heathcote, Schoolhouse lane 10kms north of town and on Wild Duck Creek 5kms southwest of Heathcote.

In 2001 we established our first 6 acre Shiraz vineyard on Lewis Road. Since then we have planted 5 acres of Sangiovese and 2 acres of Viognier. In 2010 we purchased a 5 acre block of Shiraz on Wild duck Creek and 2019 we added the old Wanted Man vineyard located on Schoolhouse to the mix.

Our philosophy is simple: we use the best quality inputs, the best variety for each area, the best fruit, the best oak, low touch wine making and allow the regional and varietal characteristics shine through.

In 2010 we purchased a new property at Wild Duck Creek. This 24 acre property provides a home base for us which is surrounded by picturesque views and includes a 4 acre vineyard comprising of well established vines planted in 1990.

Richie’s rural background (his parents had a sheep farm near Geelong) has been a contributing factor to his keen interest in agriculture and the joys derived from what nature provides. He has completed several viticulture and winemaking courses and is currently undertaking a Diploma of Winemaking at Goulburn Ovens Tafe (Dookie).

Rosanne’s Italian heritage has influenced her love of good food and wine. We decided to share our passion for wine by embarking on a journey of viticulture and winemaking.